Security Briefs

Salt wound
A strange occurrence took place on Feb. 13 at 4:56 a.m. when it was reported that unknown persons had damaged exit signs on the second and third floors of Hill Hall. When investigating the situation, Public Safety additionally found pretzel sticks covering the carpet of Hill Hall’s C-wing on the third floor. There are no known suspects or witnesses of the incident at this time.

Slippery situation
Public Safety officers responded to a slippery situation on Feb. 14 at 12:10 a.m. After responding to a leak in the first floor of a women’s bathroom in Gee Hall, officers found that there was an additional leak flowing into the hallway outside of the men’s bathroom on the second floor. The culprit was narrowed down to a men’s shower in the A-wing bathroom. The repair amount is currently unknown.

Hit ‘n’ Run
A male student found a surprise on Valentine’s Day when he discovered that his parked car had been struck. The student left his vehicle in front of Moore Library on Feb. 12. Upon returning to his car after the Feb. 13 snow day on campus, he noticed damage to the passenger side rear door. There are no known suspects of the hit and run at this time.

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