Security Briefs

Burn notice
Public Safety responded to a report by a male staff member made on Nov. 5 at 3:32 p.m. There was evidence of burn marks on posters hung on Conover Hall’s community bulletin board. A meeting was held with residents to address the antics taking place, where it was requested that whoever was responsible come forward. A male student admitted that his actions were a post-Halloween prank. The student has been charged with a fire violation and the incident has been referred to the Office of Community Standards.

A female student reported to Public Safety at 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 5 that she was being harassed on a social media site.  The student said that on Oct. 29, a fellow student informed her that he received a message from her on a website. On Oct. 31, the female student read the message and realized that she had not sent it.  Public Safety later discovered that a female student who also received a fake message took a screenshot, and posted the message to the male student impersonating the student victim. The suspect has been charged with a harassment violation.

Joy rider
On Nov. 6, Public Safety received a complaint from a male staff member regarding a female student who has reportedly abused the Safe Rides policy, which allows three rides per student per semester. The student has used the program excessively since the beginning of the semester, and has been charged with contempt of the system. The incident has been referred to the Office of Community Standards.

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