Security Briefs

Unknown vandals
Public Safety officers were patrolling West Village on Nov. 2, when they stumbled across an unknown substance on the door handle of a restroom, as well as on the wall between rooms. In West Village B, they found a handrail that was painted red. Facilities was called to clean up the vandalism. The cost of damage is unknown.

Final fall
A campus visitor was watching the Mercer County Soccer Tournament finals on Nov. 2 when he dropped an item under the bleachers. Upon retrieving the item, he hit his head on the underside of the bleachers. Public Safety was called and he was treated at the scene, before being transported to the hospital.

Harassing alumnus
Reports came in on Oct. 29 that a university employee was receiving harassing emails from a former student. The alumnus was sending emails that were inappropriate in nature, as well as profane. As a result, the alumnus was declared persona non grata.

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