Secretary: Sayira Santana

Hometown: North Arlington, N.J.

Year: Junior

Majors/Minors: Political Science and Global Multinational  Studies, Law & Justice and Economics

Clubs/Activities: Latin American Student Organization,  Leadership Development Organization, Lambda Theta Alpha  Latin Sorority, Incorporated

Why are you running for this position? I want to set the  foundation of the prosperity of student leadership on campus.    Rider University has contributed enormously to my college  experience, and I would like to contribute as much as possible to  the student organizations and all of the student body.

What changes would you like to see made next year? I would like to seek better progression in representation of Rider University organizations, and seek more diverse speakers at Rider University.

How would you go about making those changes? I would like to make the organizations on campus more aware of the importance of attending all SGA meetings as well collaborating with different organizations, and  build more understanding of the importance and influence of different speakers who come to Rider University.

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