Secretary: Jonathon Normoyle

Jonathon Normoyle
Jonathon Normoyle

Year: Junior
Hometown: Riverhead, N.Y.
Major(s): Music education
Clubs/Organizations:  Class of 2010 President, hosted various fundraisers (Westminster Calendar) and social events (Find-A-Friend and Tissue Box Thursday).
Why are you running for this position? I want to do all that I can to serve the student body at Westminster. I’ve done a great job at serving my class as president and have learned very much in the process. Now I would like to use the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained in my current position to serve the Westminster community as a whole.
What issue(s) is/are most important to you in this election? Why? From my experience in SGA this past year, it seems that the biggest issues among the student body have been: Student Activities Fee spending concerns, the Green Initiative and the preservation of the Westminster name in the move toward the new College of the Arts.

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