Secretary – Dorothy Shrader

Hometown: Alva, Okla.

Year: Junior

Major: Voice Performance

Clubs/Activities: Programming Board, Class of 2011 Executive  Board, WCC Parking Lot Committee, WCC Master Planning  Committee, WCC Eco-Rep, Opera Theater, Opera Workshop,  Symphonic Choir, Williamson Voices

Why are you running for this position? I’ve been involved  with student government at Westminster since I transferred here in  2007. Over the past three years, I’ve been involved in many  different levels of campus life, from event planning to campus  improvements to sitting on committees with deans. I’d like to take  the experiences I’ve had and use what I’ve learned from them in an Executive Board position so that I can share them with the population of student leaders on both campuses. To me, that’s what student leadership is about — sharing and learning from experiences with each other. I think that the secretary of SGA should be someone who is comfortable with communicating not only with the student body, but also the administration. Because of the relationships I have with both parties, I think I could successfully accomplish that goal, as well as contribute several positive attributes to the SGA.

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