Secretary: Anthony Baron

Anthony Baron
Anthony Baron

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: White Lake, Mich.
Major(s): Piano and vocal performance
Clubs/Organizations:Student Senator, Class of 2011 treasurer and contributor to The Rider News.
Why are you running for this position? I wish to help facilitate an efficient SGA via communication and collaboration.
What issue(s) is/are most important to you in this election? Why? I believe in the coming year, Westminster is going to face many issues that will require the student body’s attention. At this point, we may have some general concerns, and those mostly relate to a lapse in communication between students, faculty and administrators. This communication at times stems from most people truly being unaware of what is happening. As secretary, I would try to find the best ways to fully reach the student body, ensure that they are communicated to and that their voice is being sent to the appropriate forum. In order to face the challenges of the 21st century, Westminster must work in a more dynamic and integrated way. I feel that clear communication is vital to this more limbic approach.

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