Secretary: Amber Carter

Hometown: Cherry Hill, N.J.

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism

Clubs/Activities: Emerging Leaders, Black Student Union, Latin  American Student Organization, Student Government  Association, The Rider News, On Fire!!

What changes would you like to see made next year? Although there are leaders on campus, there are also students who  only go to class and back to their rooms. I would like to get those  students more involved so they can unlock their hidden potential.  Also, for those students involved on campus, there are often many  events going on at the same time. Therefore, students must pick  which event to attend. If there was more unity amongst clubs and organizations, events would be better planned out, and students would have the opportunity to support all the clubs and organizations and get the full Rider experience.

How would you go about making those changes? I will work with the Clubs and Organizations Chair and the Diversity Chair to improve events and scheduling on campus so that students can support all clubs and organizations. I will also work with various clubs and organizations to create more committees and make general board members feel more included.

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