Second annual Rock Fest ignites a celebration filled with music, food and fire

Rider’s Rock Fest featured a variety of entertainment that lasted throughout the evening, including a zip line, a mechanical bull, a performance from 3AM Tokyo, a fire performer and a bonfire. The event was held on April 21 and closed with a firework display, rescheduled from University Day.

By Paige Ewing

Students zipped into Rider’s second annual Rock Fest on April 21.

With tons of food, a live band, a zip line and a huge bonfire, there was something to do from start to finish.

Before the night even started, students were lined up for the blow-up obstacle course and bull ride. People began a competition to see who could stay on the bull the longest, but after a few seconds, most were thrown off as their friends filmed and laughed with them. Once the night’s band, 3AM Tokyo, started playing, there was an exciting energy in the air as people slowly joined together to dance and watch the bonfire and fire performers.

“I think it’s pretty cool, the music and the atmosphere,” sophomore popular music studies major Taj Howard said while he watched a performer juggle torches. “This has definitely convinced me that Rider needs more fire at events.”

Once the bonfire was lit, people rushed to eat at the tables of food set out on the Cranberry’s patio. Some snacked at a s’mores station while others ate a full meal of subs while the line for DeLorenzo’s Pizza grew longer and longer.

“The food here is really great. I just had two subs and some hot chocolate,” said junior communication major Mike Alessandro. “It’s a great time.”

While some students decided to stay on the ground, others braved the zip line — climbing two stories to descend to the ground. Some raced with their friends, others went with someone for moral support, and a select few decided to brave the trip solo.

“I had so much fun zip lining,” freshman marketing major Kelsey Brenner said after she and a friend touched back on the ground. “It’s one of those things you won’t forget — a totally great experience.”

Between the food, activities and music at Rock Fest, there was no opportunity to be bored.

“There are a lot of events, a lot of activities, so if you don’t like one thing, you’ll probably like another,” sophomore finance major Demetrious Fitzpatrick said. “So overall, it’s a really good time.”

While some people stayed to dance to the music or continue eating, many students walked to the Ben Cohen Turf Field to watch a fireworks display, which was rescheduled from University Day.

Some students thought that having it at the end of Rock Fest was a nice closing for the night. 107.7 The Bronc played music while the fireworks awed the crowd.

“It was really amazing and the fireworks were beautiful,” said freshman liberal arts major Jean Yesar. “It was so cool to watch them and listen and dance to the music that was playing.”

As finals grow closer, Rock Fest was a great way to spend one of the last weekends of the semester. It brought students great music, good food and new memories.

“The bonfire was awesome, but my eyebrows were going to burn off,” joked freshman theater major Kelsey Kilpatrick. “Still, Rock Fest was so great, I think it would have been worth it.”

Published in the 4/26/17 edition.

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