Scrumptious sushi that won’t break the bank

By Megan Pendagast

The all-you-can-eat menu at Sushi Palace offers a litany of options, including the sweet potato roll, the California roll, peanut avocado and shrimp tempura, among others.

The deliciousness of high-quality Japanese cuisine and the affordability of an all-you-can-eat restaurant come together in four separate New Jersey locations to create a unique and magnificent dining experience at Sushi Palace.

Sushi Palace has an expansive selection of appetizers, entrees, specials and, of course, sushi. While there is the option of ordering a la carte, the beauty of the restaurant is its all-you-can-eat menu.

The servers bring two sheets of paper to the table, one for starters and desserts and the other stocked with sushi and sashimi choices. Customers can order however much or little as they desire. The only catch is that you must finish what you order, since the staff does not want to have food wasted and you will be charged an additional fee if food is left on the plate.

Customers can order unlimited rounds of food with all of the sushi arriving on one massive plate to be shared and enjoyed family-style, after which the table is supplied with more sheets of paper with which to order.

There is a wide and colorful variety of sushi, including certain rolls without raw fish, such as the sweet potato or vegetable tempura roll. There is also more traditional fare, such as the California roll, shrimp tempura roll, spicy crab and the Pink Lady, which is composed of crabmeat, avocado, spicy tempura flakes and spiced salmon.

There are other options on the all-you-can-eat menu for less adventurous customers who might not enjoy sushi, such as soups, salads, dumplings, tempura, teriyaki, ice cream and fresh fruit.

Sushi Palace has a pleasant, energetic ambience. During prime meal times, it is typically a busy establishment with a constant buzz of conversation but enough space between the individual tables to keep the noise from being distracting.

The restaurant has the added benefit of having a bring-your-own-booze policy for patrons, which saves money and contributes to the classy and casual atmosphere. The staff is willing to warm up sake if so desired and supply customers with glasses.

Servers are diligent about refilling water glasses and clearing plates, but the more orders you submit, the slower they are likely to become and more reluctant to ask if you would like more food.

Sushi Palace is the perfect place for a large group of friends or family. The atmosphere and variety of high-quality cuisine makes it a restaurant worth visiting, be it for the delectable sushi or the litany of other choices.

During the week, the all-you-can-eat option costs $19.95 per person and on weekends it is $21.95, while for children under 10 it is only $10.95.

There are four locations in New Jersey: Princeton, Edison, Somerville and Red Bank/Middletown.

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Printed in the 3/8/13 edition

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