Scream Screen conjures up a scary-good time

By Jessica Hergert

Rider’s first drive-in movie event, Scream Screen, took place Friday night in the Bart Luedeke Center (BLC) parking lot where ghosts, ghouls and Broncs gathered together to enjoy a night of spooky Halloween fun.

Hosted by Rider’s radio station, 107.7 The Bronc, Scream Screen was a huge hit with the Rider community as well as locals who brought their children to experience the event.

With the possibility of bad weather and the growing number of expected students attending, Scream Screen was moved from the Campus Mall to the BLC parking lot — a wise decision, as the cold night brought an influx of students who brought their cars to sit in and who were looking for hot food.

“We figured out that it was going to be a full house in the days leading up to the event,” said Junior Student Producer for The Bronc, Matt St. Onge, who believes Scream Screen could become a reoccurring event. “The buzz was incredible and people seemed really excited, which got us really excited.”

Those who braved the cold sat in front of the screen on blankets, while others lined up their cars to park for the drive-in, with the hopes of being one of the lucky carloads to receive two World Wrestling Entertainment tickets.

The event was in full swing with sponsored tables lining the length of the parking lot filled with free merchandise, coupons and, most importantly, food.

With spicy nachos from Applebee’s, apple cider doughnuts from Terhune Orchards, classic Trenton-style pizza from DeLorenzo’s, Kickstart soda from Mountain Dew and much more, ravenous students lined up to take advantage of the buffet.

Rider Athletics also had a table where they gave out an array of merchandise including shirts, towels, banners and foam basketballs.

Although the night was chilly, ice cream from Purple Cow had one of the most popular tables. Hot chocolate from Rider’s Center for International Education department must have been the next stop for many students who needed to get warmed up quickly.

Many students released their inner child while “trunk-or-treating,” some even using Halloween candy buckets to carry their goodies.

With pumpkins painted, stomachs full and plenty of movie candy, everybody retreated to their cars or blankets to tune into “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

The nostalgic classic filled the parking lot with laughter as students snacked on more nachos and ice cream.

As students enjoyed “Charlie Brown,” the thought remained on everybody’s mind, “What will the feature movie be?” After thousands of votes and no hints from The Bronc, it was time to reveal the movie choice.

Yells and gasps were heard from cars as “The Conjuring” began. The scariest movie of the five choices won and students were both terrified and excited to watch.

Throughout the parking lot, students were covering their eyes with blankets and trying not to knock over their candy during a jump scare.

After nearly two hours of ghosts and demons, “The Conjuring” ended, leaving the parking lot buzzing with nervous laughter as students attempted to regain their composure.

Whether it was pumpkin painting, filling up on food and candy or watching movies, Scream Screen proved to be enjoyable for all.

“I think that everyone did a great job planning the event as a whole,” said junior elementary education major Sarah Parylak. “They really had something for everyone; even if you didn’t like the type of movie, there was something there that people of all ages could enjoy. I really liked the sense of community, both with Rider students and local families, that Scream Screen brought to Rider.”

Once the movie ended, Public Safety escorted the cars out of the parking lot thus wrapping up the first ever Scream Screen.

The hype from the event was still present around campus as students were eating their candy and reminiscing on the movie.

Scream Screen was the perfect Halloween event as it allowed students to take a break from studying, experience Rider’s community, eat great food and act like a kid again.


Published in the 11/2/16 edition.

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