Rider’s riders: Weismann represents Team USA

Equestrian club captain Alicia Weismann has been competing since she was 11.  She has had tremendous success in her career and has big goals for herself and her team.

by Christian McCarville

Being a Division 1 school, club sports can be a very overlooked looked aspect of Rider’s campus. Many club teams at Rider have had success that flies under the radar as many students are not aware of these teams.

The equestrian team is a perfect example of this, as it had a very impressive season. Notably, team captain and junior marketing major Alicia Weismann has recently represented Team USA at the Student Riding Nations Cup (SRNC).

“A whole entire mix of thoughts were going through my head when I learned I would be on the team. I had to wait almost a year until I found out I was on the team, so I was certainly relieved once they said I made it,” said Weismann.

This is the second time Weismann has traveled overseas to compete, as she is no stranger to traveling for competitions. “I was very excited to have a chance to go to Europe again since I had only been overseas once. The cherry on top was that this was such a great opportunity to compete internationally and meet other amazing people from all over the world,” said Weismann.

“Her accomplishment is quite awesome honestly. It shows just how many different kinds of talent are here at Rider that you don’t realize,” said sophomore marketing and sports media major Marc Picinic.

Weismann explained that she has done equestrian for the majority of her life. “I have been riding since 5, so it’ll soon be 16 years that I have been riding,” said Weismann.

She began her equestrian career very early and began to ride competitively when she was around 11 years old. “I started lessons at a competitive show barn called Fox Hunt Farm in Lumberton, New Jersey, when I was 11 years old and slowly started to compete in higher rated horse shows and began to really enjoy it,” said Weismann. “I was 13 years old when I began traveling the east coast for horse shows and I actually spent a month competing in Ocala, Florida, which holds a 10-week-long horse show in the winter season.” 

Weismann cited her mother as being her biggest influence. “She was the first of her family to go to college so she really engraved in me to never stop working towards your goals and to always appreciate every opportunity you are given,” said Weismann. 

Weismann’s next big competition is the Emerging Athletes Program (EAP) Nationals that will be taking place in Ohio this November. “Last year I finished in the top five at EAP Nationals so my goal this year is to finish in the top two. Since the SRNC competition went so well, I am also really excited for the rest of our college show season,” said Weisman. 

While it is evident that she sets large goals for herself, Weisman sets them for her team as well. “Our equestrian team at Rider is really great this year so it’s been fun watching the whole team’s success. My goal for us this year is to finish top two in our region,” said Weismann. 

With a captain like Weismann leading the team with confidence and determination, Rider’s club equestrian team is destined to succeed.

Published in the 10/23/19 edition

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