Rider’s new lawyer: Friend of the court

By Claire Dalzon

Just a few days after the new year, Rider welcomed attorney Mark A. Solomon as the new general counsel and associate vice president for legal affairs.

After former campus lawyer Mike Spicer announced his retirement last semester, the university immediately started a search, looking into law firms around the area. The search team reached out to Solomon, who was a long-time private-practice attorney at the firm Pepper Hamilton, and even represented Rider on previous occasions.

“I knew Rider. Rider knew me,” said Solomon.

The in-house general counsel handles most legal matters, including contracts dealing with travel abroad, business, internships, the university’s hosted events and risk management.

“I love Rider, I think it’s a great place,” said Solomon. “I have a behind-the-scenes role helping all of the staff and administrators do their job helping students. I help enable and provide quality education and opportunities.”

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