Rider’s first drive-in movie sure to be a scream

By Jessica Hergert

Students wishing to experience the thrill of a drive-in movie will finally have the chance, thanks to 107.7 The Bronc. The station is currently preparing for Scream Screen, the first Rider University drive-in movie, taking place on the Campus Mall on Oct. 28.

With 13 stands for trick-or-treating, free food from sponsors and a scary movie chosen by the Rider student body, Scream Screen is anticipated to be one of the biggest events of the semester.

The brains behind Scream Screen are the same that brought the egg hunt and gave away a car last semester: the workers at 107.7 The Bronc. Radio station staff members have been busy conceptualizing this “outside-the-box” idea.

According to The Bronc’s General Manager, John Mozes, Scream Screen is “two-fold,” meaning it benefits both the student body at Rider and those working at the radio station.

“We are doing all the things a commercial radio station does,” says Mozes. “This gives our students that are part of The Bronc an engaged learning experience.”

In return, Mozes says the student body is then exposed to amazing events that enhance the student life experience at Rider overall.

Planning Scream Screen started a little differently than most of The Bronc’s events, as they needed to get Rider’s administration onboard with parking cars on the Campus Mall.

Mozes says there was no problem pitching this idea.

“Everybody worked to try to find a way to make this work,” he said.

The next step was to get sponsors for the “trunk-or-treat” portion of the event. Mozes explained that most of the 16 sponsors involved in Scream Screen, including Terhune Orchards, Halo Pub and Mountain Dew, were either already partnered with The Bronc or were eager to hop onboard.

Even Rider organizations such as the Center for International Education and Rider Dining Services wanted to be in on the action by setting up their own trunk-or-treat stations.

The sponsors will provide the food, candy and prizes for Scream Screen and, in return, gain exposure to what is believed will be a huge crowd.

Mozes responded with a laugh when asked what kind of turnout he expects. “I have no idea,” he said, going on to explain that The Bronc’s website page experienced record-breaking traffic with 6,600 hits in 13 days.

With the hype surrounding the event, Mozes and everybody working the event at The Bronc believe this could easily become a running tradition at Rider.

He theorizes that students understand the real world is tough but everybody wants to have a taste of childhood. “This event is bringing that to Rider, that chance to feel a little bit like a kid again,” he said.

So, what can students expect from Scream Screen? Well, in short, free food, loads of candy and a scary movie played on “the largest movie screen on the east coast.”

According to Mary-Lyn Buckley, the social media director of The Bronc, “this is such a great way to bring the Rider community together around Halloween.”

“Bringing back a drive-in movie is something many people in our generation have never experienced,” she said.

“If every Rider student, every Rider faculty member, every Rider staff member came out to enjoy it, I would be very happy,”  said Mozes.

Everybody is invited to come out to the event and experience the first of its kind in Rider’s history. Scream Screen takes place Oct. 28 on the Campus Mall. Cars can begin moving on the grass at 6 p.m. and must be parked by 7:30 p.m.

Trunk-or-treating, pumpkin painting and other Halloween festivities will begin at 7 p.m. with the movie beginning at 8 p.m.


Originally printed in the 10/26/16 edition.

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