Rider opens the door to a summer in London

By Stacy Schlags

Rider is no stranger to international affairs, with study-abroad programs, a partnership with Sanda University and a summer course in Fuzhou, China.

The University is now offering students yet another opportunity to expand their borders beyond the United States. For the first time this summer, students will be able to enroll in Global Encounters: Destination London: A Study Tour (IND 210), a three-credit course that takes students to England between June 29 and July 22.

“The primary goal of this tour is to internationalize the University in all aspects and to provide students with educational opportunities abroad,” said Dr. Linda Materna, chairperson of the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department and one of the course’s instructors.

“It is a pilot program run by the University with the intention in the near future of having Rider semester abroad programs in Europe taught by Rider faculty,” said Materna.

This program is designed to provide students with a background in English history, politics, literature and the arts. Students will tour Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath, Stonehenge, Cambridge and Brighton, as well as Warwick and Windsor castles.

During the tours, students will visit playhouses, museums, concerts and popular tour sites. They will also participate in lectures, readings and discussions.

The program costs $4,950 based upon 25 participants. The fee includes tuition for three credits, round-trip airfare, airport transfers and land transportation in England, site and cultural event entrance fees, a four-day excursion to various cities, lodging and breakfast, a welcome party and a departure dinner.

Students with a minimum GPA of 3.5 will qualify for a $500 scholarship toward the cost of the program.

Students should consider enrolling in this program, according to Materna.

“It is an eye-opening and enriching experience of living and studying in another culture,” she said.

Students would sign up for this program as if it were a regular summer course. However, they also need to fill out an application and pay processing fees, which can be done in the International Programs Office in BLC 105. Students can also talk to Materna or Dr. Barry Seldes, professor of political science and one of the course’s instructors, for more information. There is a required orientation program on April 18, at 4:30 p.m., in the Foreign Languages Media Center in Fine Arts Room 309.

According to sophomore Danielle Lotrario, this program would be
beneficial for students.

“I think studying abroad during college is an important experience that every college student should go through,” she said. “The fact that the program allows you to go over the summer is even better because you don’t miss out on anything during the school semester.”

Sophomore Joseph Shafer agreed.

“I’d be interested to study abroad to learn more culture and not have to learn another language,” he said.

However, the study tour still has not reached its minimum of 15 students. Anyone interested should sign up by April 20 at the latest. A maximum of 25 students can participate in the program.

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