Rider Fashion

By Rashe Mishra

Rider fashion gives insight into what Rider University students are wearing around campus

Take a look at what Rider students are wearing! Graphic by Rashe Mishra

Bailey Poe: Senior musical theater major

Senior musical theater major Bailey Poe loves to sport scarves and rings. Photo by Rashe Mishra

Q: What’s an accessory you always have on?

A:“My rings, I always have my rings on!”

Poe describes her style as “colorful, expressive, and creative.” She pulls fashion inspiration from Sky High’s Layla Williams and as of lately loves the current color block scarf  trend.

Bri Allure: Freshman business administration major 

Freshman business administration major Bri Allure likes dressing in earth tones. Photo by Rashe Mishra

Q: How would you describe  your personal style?

A: “I wear the clothes, I don’t let the clothes wear me”

Allure, who uses they/them pronouns, likes to dress in earth tones and finds that they lean towards a more masculine style. 

They like to dress in colors that give off calming and open vibes. Allure loves to layer, as they enjoy the subtle details  that it adds to their outfits.

Ebenezer Abreu: freshman accounting major

Ebenezer Abreu, a freshman accounting major, likes to combine a laidback and serious feeling when dressing. Photo by Rashe Mishra

Q: If you were a cartoon character, what would your “repeated outfit” be?

A: Plain Hoodie, Baggy Jeans, Margielas

Abreu goes for a style right in the middle of a laidback and serious tone. He opts for baggy jeans with almost every outfit, and it’s currently his favorite fashion trend. Fashion influencers like Wisdm8 and Doctor.Garmentz on TikTok are some of his style icons!

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