Rider Awareness: Rider lends helping hands to hungry, homeless

Homelessness is a very serious issue which does not receive nearly enough attention for its gravity.
Rider decided to change that for National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week by giving this issue the consideration it deserves.
I personally had never heard much about homelessness and hunger in the past. I think that it is not only good for Rider to give back to the community, but also to be a positive role model in taking responsibility to help out our society as a whole.
For Rider to go out and seek people in need and try to recruit young adults — the future generation that will influence America — who want to help the homeless further and make others aware of their situation, is a great effort.
The campus is doing a variety of programs that I find very interesting and unique. Instead of having different seminars that only give statistics about the problems, Rider is putting the students in the homeless’ shoes. Some students camped out on the campus mall on Wednesday night in their own cardboard boxes to experience what it was really like to have to live on the streets.
It is one thing to talk about how horrible homelessness is and how you would love to give back to the community, but it is another thing to actually try and empathize with those affected by it.
I think this is a very innovative idea that will really benefit people not only to experience a day in the life but also to help them realize what a difference they can make. It will make them see how they can go beyond themselves and push to do the most they can in their lives.
Another program Rider is doing is a presentation and documentary for Invisible Children. Invisible Children is an organization created to help stop the use of children as soldiers, according to Rider’s website. On the surface, the two issues don’t seem to have any correlation to Homelessness and Hunger week, however, the premise of trying to stop those who have no one to fight for them is what brings them both together.
If people don’t try one small act, such as donating one dollar or one hour of their time, then they will never know how much of a ripple effect can be made and what a huge phenomenon could be created to change the world for the better.

-Samantha Rivera
Freshman business administration major

Printed in the 11/30/12 edition.

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