MBA grad knows the price of gold

By Steven Eggert

Every Olympian has a journey, but not every journey makes a stop here at Rider University along the way.   Caroline Lind is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in women’s eight rowing, who also achieved an MBA at Rider in 2010.  After graduating from Princeton in 2006, and competing in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, she set out to get her masters in accounting.

“I knew that after I graduated from Princeton, I needed and wanted more of an education, and I didn’t want to stop rowing,” Lind said.  “So I wanted to figure out a way to get another degree at the right time.  And the only time I could’ve done that was immediately following the [Beijing] Olympics if I wanted to continue on to the next Olympics.”

After achieving her Masters, she was able to focus on helping her team win the gold in the London Olympics.  By August 2, 2012, Caroline and her U.S. women’s eight rowing teammates had a second gold medal around their necks in as many Olympics.  The emotions while stepping onto the podium started to kick in.

“Being on the podium, there’s nothing like it. It’s pretty indescribable,” Lind said.  “But if had to describe it, it would be a mix of so many emotions.  Relief, but also peacefulness, excitement, thankfulness for the people who supported me, a lot of pride in myself and my teammates, and being able to represent the country.  And that’s why I came back for more, that feeling on the podium again.”

See The Rider News on 9/5/12 for the full story.

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