Rider’s political ‘Wake-Up Call’

By Heather Fiore

Rebovich works on her blog “Wake-Up Call” for her internship for Politicker NJ.

Although many students  believe “ignorance is bliss” when it comes to politics, senior Missy Rebovich would strongly argue otherwise.

Rebovich, who is a double major in psychology and sociology with a minor in law and justice, discusses and deals with politics in her everyday life.

Last month, she was approached by senior anchor of New Jersey Network Jim Hooker about a story focused on her and her blog, “Wake-Up Call.”

Currently, Rebovich is interning for Politicker NJ, a political website owned by the New York Observer that is focused on New Jersey’s politics and current events. Every morning around 6:20, Rebovich is responsible for posting “Wake-Up Call,” a blog that updates citizens on political news in New Jersey.

Her interest in politics comes from her late father, Dr. David Rebovich, who was an associate professor of political science at Rider. She said he exposed her to politics at a very young age but never forced her to get involved.

“He thought my majoring in psychology was great,” she said. “People would joke how I wasn’t majoring in politics and that was totally fine with him. He just wanted me to do what I wanted to do.”

Dr. Rebovich was a well-known and respected political commentator along with being the managing director of the Institute for New Jersey Politics, which was renamed The Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics in his memory after his sudden passing in October 2007.
Dr. Rebovich had a strong political presence on campus and outside of Rider, which his daughter recognizes.

“He really was ‘the guy’ that you went to and I didn’t notice that until after he passed away, after looking at articles from previous elections and not seeing any other name in these things,” she said. “I just thought other people’s parents had jobs where they would come home to this kind of thing. Dad never made me aware that he was anyone special.”

Rebovich’s father was both modest and nurturing, since he had a keen eye for expanding students’ knowledge on politics and providing opportunities that most likely wouldn’t have been presented otherwise. He was very passionate about politics, which is something that his daughter has carried on.

In addition to interning at Politicker NJ, Rebovich has been involved in other facets of politics on campus as well. During her freshman year, she became involved with what was then the Rider Institute for New Jersey Politics, now The Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics, as well as University Democrats. She worked with University Democrats to help students register to vote and provide them with information about then-candidate Senator Barack Obama and former governor Jon Corzine.

Outside of Rider, she worked at the Trenton Council for a brief time, where she canvassed and helped with election-related events. Whether it was e-mailing, researching or writing a letter for the governor, she gained valuable skills throughout her ventures.

Despite all of the places Rebovich has worked, there’s one place that has stood out from all of the rest.

“At the time, being at former state Senator Bill Baroni’s office was my favorite thing in the world,” she said. “It was just really cool to me. We were writing a lot of letters and I learned a lot of issue-related things.”

Although a job in politics is not her dream, the knowledge she has gained about the subject is something that she has grown up with that will never leave her. After college, Rebovich wants to pursue a master’s degree in public policy.

“I guess parents have friends outside of work, but mine really didn’t,” Rebovich said. “So if my mom was with her friends, they were talking about politics, and it was always politics with dad. It’s the only thing I know.”

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