Reward app thanks fans

The Rider Broncs Rewards program app is available on iTunes and Google Play. Check in to a sporting event to start earning points.

By Christopher Brooks

If you have ever felt like your Bronc loyalty has been questioned even after attending every sporting event, there is a new app for you. With the new Rider Broncs Rewards program, students can now earn prizes for attending sports events.

The rewards system is run through the Rider Rewards app that is available on iTunes or Google Play. When you attend any Rider athletics event, you simply check in with your phone to gain points. Individuals have to be within a certain radius of the event for a certain amount of time to gain points.

Most sporting events start at 10 points, but the values can increase for special events such as postseason games or sports that are lacking in attendance.

The rewards program has already gained many sponsors, including Subway, Cranberry’s, Starbucks, Adidas and The Rider Bookstore. Prizes include gift certificates, Bronc Bucks and Rider gear. When all of the sports seasons conclude in May, the person with the highest point total will be rewarded with a grand prize, which is anticipated to be a $500 gift card, or similar item, according to Associate Director of Athletics Karin Torchia.

Torchia hopes this system will increase fan turnouts at all Rider athletic events.

“We are hopeful that the rewards app will increase awareness of our athletics events and also attendance,” she said. “Typically, our most popular events are ones where we give items away, so we hope that by giving points out and having more frequent rewards that will encourage people to attend more events.”

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