Ready for Rider’s dining renovations

By Sarah Bergen

As a resident at Rider, I honestly cannot wait for the renovations of Cranberry’s and Dalys that will be completed by the start of the 2012 fall semester.

I know I have only been attending Rider for a short time, but it is obvious that our food facilities are in need of some change and expansion. When the renovations were announced during this past fall semester I was excited, but the spring semester has transformed that excitement into desperation and longing.

Cranberry’s on any day is swarming with students at lunch hour. I didn’t remember the environment being like that the semester prior. Everyone is bumping into each other and searching for the end of the massive lines. I find myself on certain days sitting in my class hoping to get out early just to be able to claim a table.

Despite the chaos of rush hour, I do not have a single complaint about the food quality or service at Cranberry’s. I love having the ability to try something new every day. I have probably tried nearly every food choice available there.

On the other hand, I can say confidently that I am pretty bored with the food choices at Dalys. I have not eaten there once this semester so far. Due to this change in my schedule I have found myself spending ridiculous amounts of Bronc Bucks at Cranberry’s. This is probably due to my adoration of the vegetable quesadillas and paninis available, but it is quite painful to already see my bucks dwindling.

I am anxiously anticipating the renovations of Rider’s food facilities. I look forward to eating at Cranberry’s even more than I already do, and I cannot wait until I can enjoy lunch without being overwhelmed by the stress of navigating through crowds and fighting for a seat.

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