Radio hosts discuss sustainability

By Neil Rasbury

Every Saturday from 10 a.m. the hosts of Rider’s Sustainable You, sophomores Emily Mazzio and Sabrina Safran, meet to inform the campus of making choices that are beneficial for the environment.

“It is awesome working for Sustainable You,” said Safran.

Co-Host of Rider's Sustainable You, sophomore Emily Mazzio is a radio and television major and arts minor.

Mazzio sees this as a learning experience given this is her first time working with the radio station.

Sustainable You focuses on simple things that you can do around the house or dorm and encourages environmentally friendly habits that can help conserve and protect our resources.  They also interview industry figures that are “green friendly.”

Unbelievably, these ladies didn’t plan to participate for Sustainable You.  It happened by chance.

“I had a friend at the radio station. She was graduating at the time and she suggested to the radio station manager ‘Oh Sabrina can do it.’”  Safran said  “However, the show she wanted me to take off wasn’t the show he wanted me to take over. He wanted me to take over Sustainable You.”

Mazzio heard about the opportunity from class from her instructor and discussed with him how she was interested in radio more than working in television.  He told her about internships with the radio station.

“I thought he was going to get back to me next year,” Mazzio said.  She was pleasantly surpised when he offered her the position to co-host along with friend Safran.

“I couldn’t do it by myself,” replied Mazzio in response to working along side Safran. “We’re stressed out doing it together.”

Co-Host of Sustainable You, sophomore Sabrina Safran majors in radio and television.

Mazzio is in charge of organizing the interviews, while Sabrina does the research and follows up to make sure the interviewer comes to the show.

Mazzio and Safran base their radio show on research from, which is an environmental news website. Or as they say, “the Google of environmental research.” They use the top three major news stories to help come up with a theme.  The next part of the show would be an interview, or if one isn’t planned, it would be a segment about green technology. The last part of the show would be tips to help Rider students create a clean atmosphere.

These hosts want their listeners to get involved and want Rider University to be “aware” of the effects of the environment and what we can do to prevent it. Mazzio talks about her latest episode of Greenpiece and how students can get involved.

“You can protest, if you want to donate…or make your own cause with them.”  Safran continued to say they decide on different themes to be relatable to their audience. “We do themes like how to be sustainable at work, more sustainable in the dorm room. We’ve done all different ones like that.”

Even though the hosts haven’t had that may shows, and some “technical difficulties,” they enjoy putting on the show.  In their opinion, their favorite show so far has been talking about the BP oil spill.  They both got excited about it and they say that the manager thought it was a “phenomenal” episode.

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