R Factor mesmerizes with melody

By Christian McCarville

The R Factor judges sit while surrounded by the remaining finalists. They will be performing once again on Sept. 27.

R Factor, one of Rider’s most anticipated recurring events, is back in full swing with its first round of auditions already completed. It took place on Sept. 13, serving as a way for students to kick off their weekend.

The event had a tremendous turnout and attracted many freshmen and new faces who eagerly packed into the Yvonne Theater. Many were excited to watch their fellow Broncs showcase their singing and compete for the R Factor crown.

The R Factor is such a unique event for many because it allows participants to truly feel like a star and perform in front of a large and excited crowd. 

Senior environmental science major Alina Bardaji, who participated in the auditions and advanced into the finals, said, “It’s hard to explain how it feels to sing on stage. I’ve played at a few open mics here in the Pub every now and then but nothing on that scale. The stage has always felt like my home, so to be able to play in front of my friends and share that with them is truly unforgettable.”

The first round of auditions consisted of 16 performances from Rider students, although only seven could move on to the finals.

The participants all came from different backgrounds, ranging from musical theater to biology majors and proved that anybody with the talent and passion to sing has the ability to become an R Factor champion.

All performances were unique and covered many different types of genres and artists. These performances varied from a Lady Gaga cover to an A Capella rendition.

“I performed ‘Sex and Candy’ by Marcy Playground. It’s not typically the style of song I’d choose, but I watched Allen Stone’s cover on Youtube and loved the bluesy feel he added to it. It felt great to play and sing, so I thought I’d go with my gut,” said Bardaji.

There was even a duo, Alex and Brianna that delivered a duet performance. However, the crowd was heartbroken to discover that only one half of the duo, Brianna, was able to make it to the finals.

All of the performers made it difficult for the judges to determine who could advance to the final round. It was disappointing for audience members to see their favorite singers get taken out of the finals, as more than half of them had to be eliminated. 

However, Nick Barbati had a “wild card” which he could use to bring back singers of his choice.

 “What really got people going was when some of the top singers were removed from their finalist spots, only to be brought back later with a wild card,” said sophomore journalism major Meghan Mulhearn.

The competition was certainly very tough and all those who were brave enough to perform put on a great show. The seven remaining performers will soon be narrowed to one final R Factor champion.

The R Factor finals will take place in the Bart Luedeke Center Theater on Sept. 27 at 8 p.m.

Published in 09/18/19 edition.

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