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As a senior, I fear that I am running out of time. Any advice on living in the moment?


Scared Senior

Wow, I really like this question because it is relatable. As a senior citizen myself, I find it so hard to enjoy “right now” because I am always thinking about what is next. My life is a constant due date. Now I cannot go a day without looking at my calendar or checking my email. As a student, you follow a particular schedule from September to June and become consumed by time itself. It seems as you get older the faster time goes, that is why I cannot sleep past 10 o’clock in fear of losing my day. If it’s not one class it’s the other, working or finally finding the time to socialize, just constantly following behind time. But, the irony is, I find myself dreading having too much time on my hands and needing a schedule to validate the use of my time. It is wanting to do something meaningful with your time without the deadlines and obligations stressing you out or spreading you thin. Well, that is not life. Life is always about finding time or making it, you choose. 

I can only say what I think and how I feel because I struggle with staying in the present, especially when life gets too chaotic. When you finally find time or when time finds you, utilize it with things that stimulate you, give you fuel. The hardest part is preparation, planning ahead so that there is less pressure on the future. But, don’t get ahead of yourself. Find a comfortable pace, listen to your body if you are feeling overworked or overwhelmed. There is always a sense of guilt with living in the moment because we feel like we could be doing more with our time. Do not feel guilty for taking breaks or doing absolutely nothing with that time. I think being present in the now is realizing although life consists of due dates and deadlines, you are in full control on how you occupy your precious time.  

As a fellow peer, you are not running out of time, you have just become busier. Now that you have reached the finish line in higher education there is that sense of urgency that we need to get our lives together because there is comfort in security. But as you get older, especially as a young adult, there is insecurity in the unknown and sometimes the anxiety becomes overbearing. Just know there will always be time and that you are in full control, take a step back and be present. 

This week’s question reminded me of a fortune cookie that read: “Life is not a problem to be solved, but rather a mystery to be lived.” 


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