Questions for Qur’an

Dear Qur’an, 

What are some fall trends on campus? Any fall must haves?


                  A Fall Fashionista.

Dear Fall Fashionista,

If there are two things I love discussing it is fashion and, more specifically, fall fashion. Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons aside from summer because dressing in fall is such an experiment. Summer is easy because you are inclined to wear less clothes, but during the early stages of fall it is all about layers. 

First things first, take those fall/winter clothes out the basement or attic and wash them. It is time.

We are no longer children, so mom and dad are should not be telling you that it is cold outside. Check the weather please. You should always check the weather the night before so there are no surprises and you can plan ahead on what to wear. 

Now, onto clothes. One thing I noticed for myself when getting dressed is…I love socks. Socks are extremely important when trying to keep warm and can be extremely fashionable. What I am observing around campus is the quarter length sweater socks that go a few inches above the ankle. They are super cute and cozy. You can definitely increase an outfit’s potential by coordinating your socks with the overall look. 

Jackets, scarves and beanies, oh my… (I could not help myself). These essential accessories are key factors in looking wonderful and staying warm. Same with the socks, color coordination is important when accessorizing. During the fall season, people tend to correlate their clothing with nature; primary colors typically utilized in the fall are all shades of brown, dark greens, auburns, deep and creamy yellows like butterscotch and rusty oranges. 

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the top five unexpected fall color trends are pistachio, various shades of purple, bright orange, shocking pink and neon highlighters. On campus, the neon highlighter colors like neon green and orange are still going strong from the summertime and are still being incorporated into Rider’s fall fashion.

At Rider, beyond the typical Nike quarter socks paired with the Sperry boat shoes, footwear on campus is vast in style. 

Dr. Martens are extremely popular during the fall and the smooth patent leather shoe is a great winter boot when the snow starts pouring in. 

Due to the 2019 release, Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG GS in the colorway  “Obsidian Blue” has been very popular on campus as well as the Nike Air Max 97 (neither of which I can afford at the moment).

Fall trends vary and stick to tradition every year. Whether it is muted color turtlenecks, plaid flannels or the famous hoodie and sweatpants, trends change and stay the same. My only advice is to dress appropriately for the weather because it is hard to be cute when you are sick.

                    Stay you and stay warm,


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