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Dear Qur’an,

What’s the best way to go about telling your roommate they have bad hygiene?


The B.O. Bandit 

Dear B.O. Bandit,

Henry Rollins was right when he said, “sometimes the truth hurts,” and this is going to hurt your roommate and possibly scar them for life. In all honesty, this is an awkward conversation to have with anyone, but a much needed conversation nonetheless. 

There are two ways to go about this stinky (pun intended) situation. First, if you are lucky enough to be comfortable with your roommate, tell him/her directly about their “not so fresh feeling,” but please be sympathetic because this subject is not an easy one. 

This step leads to the second way to go about telling your roommate they have bad odor; be sympathetic. I do not think anyone stinks on purpose and should have the right to know about their poor hygiene, especially when you are the one sharing a space with them. 

Sympathy is the best way to go about this situation, because there can be numerous reasons for body odor. Financial burdens sometimes plays a role in an individual’s personal hygiene. Luckily for Rider students, the Rider Pantry gives free toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and deodorant. 

Although keeping up with yourself should always be a top priority, sometimes outside factors can make keeping up with yourself a battle in itself. Look for signs such as how they maintain their side of the room. Life can take a serious toll on a person, especially a student. Maybe having a conversation with your roommate can give you a better understanding of their lifestyle choices and give you insight on what you can do to help them.

Do not feel like a stranger in your own space. Speak up about what is bothering you, because you have to live there too. Be honest and be polite, because the conversation is not easy for either party. If all else fails, Febreze comes out with lovely scents this time of year like fresh harvest and pumpkin spice.



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