Q&A: Does your GPA really say anything about you as a student?

I think it’s reflective of your work ethic and the amount of time you put into your studies. Some factors, like personal issues and stress, can unfortunately have a negative effect on your GPA, which is not indicative of your work ethic. But overall, it shows how much time and effort you put into your studies.

—Marianna Buseman

Junior English writing major



I would like to think so. I have worked very hard over my four years here at Rider to make the Dean’s List every semester, and it is a high GPA as a result. I am a much better student now than I was in high school grade-wise.

—Rachel Nangle

Senior environmental science major



Not necessarily. It depends on what your passions are. If you’re an English major but have to take some rough electives or general requirements that mess with your GPA, that doesn’t mean you’re not right for English.

—Kenneth Dillon

Sophomore political science major

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