Putting a new ‘twist’ on desserts

The toppings bar at Twist features assorted candies, chocolates and nuts.

By Kaitlin MacRae
Looking for a different way to satisfy your sweet tooth? Twist — “Princeton’s do-it-yourself yogurt lounge” — serves up frozen yogurt treats in a new way. The self-serve establishment on Nassau Street is one of many in a string of trendy self-serve frozen yogurt places, including Yogurtland and U-Swirl, which are based on the West Coast. And even in the dead of winter, Twist provides customers with tasty scoops of summer.

Twist features retro green-colored walls. The eye-catching bright colors are constant throughout and are accented by cozy black leather furniture and green-topped circular tables. Artwork adorns the walls, along with the “Twist Wall of Fame,” which features photos of customers. These elements make a homey environment and give the place a personal touch that chain establishments aren’t able to achieve. And, for those looking for a quiet place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of campus life, Twist offers its customers free Wi-Fi.

According to Twist’s Web site, it’s a simple procedure: “Twist it, top it, weigh it, pay it.”

Twist it: Twist offers seven different flavors each week. For example, last week’s flavors were eurotart, powerfruit tart, strawberry cheesecake, caramel macchiato, Mom’s peanut cookie, Ghirardelli chocolate, alpine vanilla and mango sorbet. Guests can choose the size of their cup and take as much of — and as many of — the flavors they want.

Top it: The toppings bar is a collection of bright colors and is quite literally eye candy. From the fresh fruits, crunchy cereals, syrups, candy and cookie toppings and even sea salt, this is easily the best and most mouth-watering part of the shop.

Weigh it: After customers put the finishing touches on their frozen yogurt creations, they simply place their cups on a scale.

Pay it: Customers only pay by the ounce, so the price depends on how much is in the cup.

Twist also details the benefits of yogurt, which it highlights throughout the shop. For those looking for a sugar rush, Twist’s frozen yogurt is a healthier, non- or low-fat alternative to ice cream that’s flavorful and guilt-free (minus the candy toppings).

The store, however, is set up slightly oddly. The frozen yogurt machines, toppings and cash registers are at the back of the store in a small, even cramped at times, area. Customers also only have one option for payment — Twist only accepts cash. And, while Twist attracts all types of customers, it almost seems to be more for the college crowd than anyone else.

Overall, though, Twist is a sweet and delectable experience for all ages.

For more information, visit www.twist-yogurt.com.

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