Public Safety officer arrested for second time

By Lauren Lavelle

Alan J. Berman, a Rider Public Safety officer, was arrested for the second time this year.

Alan J. Berman, a Rider Public Safety officer already charged with four counts of endangering the welfare of a child for previous internet crimes, was arrested on Oct. 26 and charged with sexually assaulting three underage boys in his home, giving them access to a handgun, providing them with marijuana and showing them pornography, said Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina. 

According to Coffina, the underage boys and their families were acquainted with Berman before the assaults occurred. Berman allegedly threatened the boys and told them no one would believe them if they attempted to report the incident, Coffina said.  

Berman, 58, was charged with three counts of sexual assault, seven counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of showing obscenity to a minor, said Coffina. 

This arrest comes about a month after Berman’s first arrest on Sept. 21 on charges of possession of child pornography and soliciting nude photos of an underage male online. He was charged with four separate counts of endangering the welfare of a child for his original crimes. 

Berman’s alleged interactions with the underage boys occurred before his first arrest, said Coffina. 

Kristine Brown, Assistant Vice President for University Marketing and Communications, said the university was alerted of the Oct. 26 arrest immediately and made sure proper precautions were in place to protect the Rider community, including placing Berman on unpaid leave. 

“Mr. Berman remains on administrative leave from the university and is still [prohibited] from both campuses, which means he is not allowed on either campus at any time for any reason. This action was taken immediately after Mr. Berman was arrested last month and remains in effect today,” said Brown. 

Berman is currently being held at the Burlington County Jail.

Additional reporting by Ryan Connelly. 

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