Preview of what’s to come: 2012 dining renovations

This summer, Daly’s Dining Hall, Cranberry’s and the Westminster Dining Commons will be renovated in time for the start of the fall 2012 semester, according to Jan Freidman-Krupnick, assistant vice president of Student Affairs.  Above are the blueprints for the renovations that have been presented to both the Lawrenceville and Westminster senates. Josi Suslov, a junior music education major at WCC said she was excited to see the long-awaited changes to the Westmisnter Dining Commons. “We are very excited because our facilities have never been renovated and are extremely out-of-date,” Suslov said. “We hope the renovations will bring a larger selection of food choices, better quality food, as well as a more aesthetically appealing environment for eating.”
Reporting by Jess Scanlon

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