Popular Producers: The Producers proves it isn’t a flop

The Producers is an iconic film-turned-movie about two men looking to get rich without the effort by putting on a Broadway play that is sure to flop. The plan isn’t perfect, but it allows them to meet a variety of memorable characters along the way.

By J’na Jefferson

Even with the number of days left in the semester dwindling down, most students are more stressed than ever because of finals on top of last minute papers and projects. But, what better way is there to combat worry than to have a good laugh? If you want a great excuse to step away from your computer and not worry about finals for a little while, I advise you to see Rider University’s rendition of the musical, The Producers.

The musical is an adaptation of the 1968 film of the same title directed by Mel Brooks. The original Broadway cast was led by Nathan Lane as ex-producer Max Bialystock and Matthew Broderick as accountant-turned-producer Leo Bloom. Rider was fortunate enough to have two excellent leads at the helm — junior Jimmy Lewis as the conniving yet charming Max and sophomore Greg Clark as the adorably anxiety-prone Leo.

They hope to use a get-rich-quick scheme and make millions of dollars off their next Broadway show by ensuring that the show will be a flop. Max and Leo meet many colorful characters along the way, including flamboyant director Roger DeBrisw and his equally outrageous “common law assistant” Carmen (played brilliantly by freshmen Joseph McKiernan and Rory Connolly, respectively). The play’s leading lady, sultry Ulla from Sweden, played by junior Carolina Sanchez, also proves that she deserves to be in the spotlight.

Senior Brittany Santos and junior Jimmy Lewis bring their own personalities to the well-known characters they play while working together to engage the audience.

The prospective musical the men eventually come across, Springtime for Hitler, is a musical ode to the infamous Nazi leader, penned fictitiously by Franz Liebkind (portrayed by freshman Sean Magnacca).

Throughout the musical, audiences will find themselves wondering whether Max and Leo’s plan will be a success or if things will take a turn for the worse.

The excellent cast and ensemble were directed by Robin Lewis, who also served as the show’s choreographer. The musical director, Nathan Hurwitz, as well as the pit, provided the audience with songs that will stay in their heads for days to come.

If you want to relieve your stress during the last few weeks of classes, have a good laugh and see a musical complete with dancing old women, then Rider’s outrageously funny rendition of The Producers is the musical for you.

The cast enthusiastically sings every song, allowing each showtune to be as memorable as the set of characters the audience meets during the musical.
The musical produces laughs from the audience all the way through, especially during this scene with freshman Joseph McKieman and sophomore Greg Clark.
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  1. The best version of The Producers I have ever seen! Fantastic show! The dancing, singing, and acting were all terrific. The actors playing Bloom, Bialystock, and Ulla were unbelievably talented. Roger and his assistant were perfection. Everyone involved with the show should be extremely proud. 

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