Poll: Only half get the word

pollgraphic1.jpgOnly about half of students polled said they were familiar with recommendations of the Presidential Task Force on Alcohol, whereas 48 percent said they were somewhat or very unfamiliar.

A 55 percent majority said these new policies and programs are somewhat or very unlikely to change their drinking habits.

Responses by freshmen and students from the Princeton campus indicated a lower level of awareness about the new changes.

Nearly half of the students could not list any of the new rules. If respondents were not able to identify at least one new rule, their responses on the likelihood of changing behavior were not tabulated.

Many students cited the Good Samaritan Policy as the most important rule. It allows students to seek medical treatment for themselves or a peer in need of medical assistance without the fear of receiving any sanctions from the University.

Above are the results of an unsystematic sample of 203 students from the Lawrenceville and Princeton campuses. Students answered in writing on questionnaires.

“I think the new rules will be ineffective,” wrote one anonymous student. “If you are in college you should have some sort of clue on how to drink responsibly.”

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