Plain White T’s concert will not be rebooked

By Julia Ernst

It really was a plain white tease, in the end.
Two weeks after SEC Spring Concert artists Plain White T’s canceled their appearance with less than an hour to go before show time, it has been determined that the band will not be rescheduling the show for this semester, said Dave Keenan, director of campus life.
“At this point, there has been no ability to find a date that works for everyone by the end of the semester,” Keenan said.
Jenny Benack, a senior and outgoing SEC president, explained that too much work is done to put the concert on to put another one together this late.
“Months of planning went into this show,” she said, adding that doing all of that work in a two-week period would be impossible.
“Members of SEC sacrificed a lot of time to plan this show and we did not want to risk their schoolwork by putting additional pressure on them before final exams,” Benack said.
Plain White T’s were never paid for their scheduled appearance.
“We do not pay for any of our events prior to their performance,” Benack explained. “It is part of our contract. However, there were costs incurred that we will not be able to get back,” including lighting, advertising and electrical equipment.
Jon Strauss, a junior and SEC president for 2009-2010, extended his gratitude to Rider students for their reactions to the cancellation.
“I would like to apologize to the students who were looking forward to the concert and let them know that their cooperation and understanding is appreciated,” Strauss said. “They handled the situation very well upon hearing the news of the cancellation, and that’s something that the SEC, the university staff and I truly appreciate.”

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