Paige Ewing elected as SGA President

Junior tv, film and radio major, Paige Ewing, was elected to SGA’s executive board as Student Body President on April 9. She previously served as Vice President for Communications during the 2018-2019 academic year.

By Lauren Minore

When junior tv, film and radio major Paige Ewing woke up on April 9, she knew this day would be more unusual than normal. Labeling herself as “not a morning person,” she began her day around 8 a.m. 

     This was the day the Student Government Association (SGA) would reveal the results of its campus-wide elections for the 2019-2020 school year. After three years of serving in SGA, Ewing ran for Student Body President, against fellow SGA members Allison Anderson, a junior political science major, and Kaylin Garcia, a junior marketing major. 

     “I was so excited for the results,” she said. “Even if I didn’t win, I knew one strong, amazing lady was going to be president.” 

     The results proved to be great for Ewing — she woke up as SGA’s Vice President for Communications that day, but went to bed as SGA’s new Student Body President that night. 

     “When the announcement was finally made and everyone was clapping and congratulating me, I got tears in my eyes,” Ewing said. “I have worked so hard and I am extremely ready to start making a change here on campus.” 

     Senior environmental studies major and outgoing SGA President Olivia Barone, explained the role that SGA President played in being a representative of the entire student body. 

     “The Student Body President has amazing opportunities to start initiatives, create dialogue and challenge ideas for the betterment of all Rider students,” she said.  

     Barone disclosed that one of the biggest issues she faced during her presidential term was more visibility for the organization. 

     “I really wanted students to know our role on campus and how we help anyway we can,” she said. 

     Now, Ewing strives to continue Barone’s mission. 

     “I am most excited to start working with my executive board on outreach initiatives towards students to better represent them next year,” she said. “As soon as the fall begins, I want to make sure every person on campus knows SGA is a resource to help change Rider for the better.” 

     Nonetheless, Barone said that she is proud of all she was able to accomplish during her presidential term, including the commuter lounge renovations, the campus tradition improvements and the largest campus-wide election campaigns. 

     “We were able to address a lot of issues head-on and I’m really proud of my team for being able to work together so effectively,” she said. 

     Throughout her experience in student government since the fourth grade, Ewing looked forward to this new journey in her academic career.

     “I have learned that to be a good leader, you have to be willing to learn and listen,” she said. “Here I am, as president, ready to do so.” 

      Barone offered a final piece of advice for Ewing as she begins her presidential term. 

     “Paige, as president, you have an amazing opportunity to lead an engaged group of students and address big issues on campus,” Barone said. “Don’t take anything personally, and take each challenge step by step, ask your team for help, and use all your resources. Good luck. You’re going to do great.” 

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