Opening Faceoff: Gubernatorial Election: Next governor must attempt to find new solutions- Republican

by Kyle Collins

In 2007, U.S. Attorney Chris Christie announced the indictment of former state Senator and Newark Mayor Sharpe James. These allegations included charging thousands of dollars to city credit cards to take James and his cohorts on lavish Martha’s Vineyard vacations. All the while, a large number of the children of his city lived below the poverty line. Christie successfully prosecuted James and more than 130 other corrupt officials.

Christie diligently expunged a great deal of corruption in New Jersey. Now, he plans to take his corruption-busting agenda to Trenton in his run for governor as the Republican candidate.

Christie was raised in Livingston. He is a family man with four children and a wife of 22 years. He was unanimously confirmed to the position of U.S. Attorney General in December of 2001, a position he left in 2008.

Christie had an exemplary record as U.S. Attorney aside from weeding out corrupt officials. First, he cleaned the streets of East Orange, by taking on Double ll Bloods, a branch of a violent street gang called the Bloods. Second, he ushered in justice for our children by pursuing convictions against child pornography. Third, he helped forestall a planned terrorist attack against Fort Dix, by assisting the FBI not only in the investigation, but also in the eventual arrest and conviction of those men.

One-party rule in Trenton has done little for the people, short of pilfering larger chunks of their pay checks. We remain one of the most taxed states in the nation. This year, the people of New Jersey worked 119 days to pay off all their taxes to the government, according to the Tax Foundation. Moreover, we incur unfunded liabilities of over $100 billion. 

On top of all this, we have1 9.7 percent unemployment rate, more than our neighboring states. Even more, a net 100,000 people will flee New Jersey this year. The status quo has floundered. Over the next few weeks, we will delve further into some of the key issues of this race. The time is now to let Chris Christie make New Jersey the state she once was, prosperous and free!

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