One final goodbye: Stephen Neukam

Senior journalism major Stephen Neukam is the outgoing executive editor of The Rider News, photo courtesy of Stephen Neukam

When I introduced myself as executive editor to our readers in September 2019, I made it known how optimistic I was about our community, with a clear-eyed vision of the challenges that laid ahead. 

Two years later, and I think we confronted all of those challenges and much, much more, to say the least. I am no less optimistic today.

While submerged in all of the issues that college students regularly face, we also went through a pandemic and historic social unrest — a four-year period where the unrealistic and unexpected seemed to be the status quo.

My staff and I were able to have a unique view of all of this. We covered our community and listened to our peers, telling their stories through our newspaper. Not only did we have struggles and triumphs of our own, but we shared in other peoples’ experiences.

These stories taught me that Rider is a special place — not in a cliche, corny way — but a truly incredible campus with remarkable community members.

Reflecting on my time at this university brings up such strong and sweet memories, and the bitterness only comes when I realize that this period in my life has to end. 

Leading this newspaper has been the greatest honor of my professional and personal life. I can’t speak highly enough of my peers and the support system that Rider offers its students in the communications department.

I don’t know what to say about the work that we have done over the past few years. All that I hope is that the work speaks for itself. I hope our reporting made you more interested in our community, more willing to ask questions and more proud of being a Bronc.

When I made my first two-hour drive up from my home in Maryland to Lawrenceville, I had no way of knowing where this ride would end. For the past few months, I have been trying to reflect on my tenure here and really haven’t been able to put it all in perspective yet. However, I do know one thing: I am lucky.

I am lucky to have had such a great team. I am lucky to have had such an incredible mentor, professor and adviser in Jackie Incollingo. I am lucky to have landed in Lawrenceville. I am lucky to have led this paper and hand it off to such an incredible group of students. 

I am off to the University of Maryland to do graduate work in journalism on a full scholarship in the fall. It’s a big step, but one that I am more than ready to take thanks to Rider and The Rider News.

I will always love this school, this paper and this town. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Stephen Neukam

Senior journalism major

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