Novel defined by a ‘choice’ in love

The newest novel by Nicholas Sparks, a romance story that focuses on choices in love and hope, was released Sept. 24.By Jess Royko

Nicholas Sparks delivers a tale of hope and love found and lost in his latest novel, The Choice. The story begins in Beaufort, N.C., where Travis Parker is living a happy life as a single man, spending his free time boating, swimming and barbecuing. He’s living the good life until he is charmed by his new next-door neighbor, Gabby Holland.

Travis finds himself in a difficult situation when he begins to fall for Gabby, who returns the feelings, but is in a serious relationship with another man. Travis’ persistence leads his relationship with Gabby in a new direction where in the end he must ultimately decide to make one choice: How far does someone go to keep the hope of love alive?

Sparks, author of The Notebook and a New York Times bestselling author, brings his classic romantic style to his latest novel. He not only incorporates a love story but also brings a new twist in developing the relationship between Travis and Gabby. As with all of his novels, Sparks begins in the present time with the main character reminiscing about the past and how it led them to where they are now.

What begins as a light romantic tale gradually progresses into a heart-wrenching, near tragic tale of hope and loss. As the title states, the novel is largely about making choices and sticking to them once they have been made. Sparks engages his readers with The Choice and leaves them wondering about their own choices and how these decisions largely shape their lives.

Sparks portrays his characters in such an endearing way that readers can easily relate to them. Most novels that are written about a woman who must choose between two men she loves leave the reader with an easy choice between the “good” and the “bad,” but Sparks takes a different approach and puts a different spin on this decision. Readers aren’t presented with that easy choice.

Instead, they are shown portrayals of two great men, leaving them to make a difficult and definite choice between the two, much like the main female character in the novel. While all of the characters are likable, the decisions Gabby makes often evoke frustration on the part of the readers. But in the end, she still exhibits many endearing qualities, such as her sweet nature and love of animals.

The characters aren’t the only thing that draws in the readers. The ways in which the story unfolds leave the reader unable to put the book down. Sparks evokes a vast array of emotions in the reader, ranging from humor and love to sadness and hope. Readers are drawn into the story in a way that leaves them feeling as if they are living through the
characters and facing the same decisions. Sparks not only intrigues them with this novel but also surprises them by
taking a different approach in the way it ends.

Sparks also incorporates vivid descriptions, which help the readers get a sense of the small-town quality of North Carolina. Sparks’ descriptions of the characters, their situations and the location helps bring the story to life and allows the readers to easily connect to the overall themes.

While most of Sparks’ novels end in a very definitive way, The Choice ends in a way that is unexpected. It’s not just
another “happily ever after” ending. Instead, it’s a work in progress, leaving the reader with a sense of hope.

Sparks is famous for tugging at the heartstrings of his readers, and he doesn’t disappoint with The Choice. He
emotionally engages his readers and draws them in with a beautiful tale of love and hope. The choices people make shape how they turn out in life, and Sparks eloquently reveals this truth through the portrayal of his characters and the development of the story. This novel leaves Sparks’ readers satisfied after making the choice to read such an intriguing and romantic tale.

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