Not just your average club team

By Steven Eggert 

Junior captain Frank Garvey looks to lead the Broncs to another successful year.

For my first sports article, I wanted to write about something fun, exciting and intense. What could be better then Rider hockey?  A friend on the team told me that their previous game against Temple had been exciting, even though the Broncs were on the losing end of the score. This is a club team, how exciting could it really be?

Professional hockey games are filled with excitement. There are rough and tough moments throughout the game, and there is also a desire to win. The fans experience crazy and exciting moments, which makes them want to come back for more.

So what did this game lack in comparison to a professional game? Absolutely nothing.  The energy I have come to expect at major sporting events was present in the Loucks Ice Center this weekend. The competition on the ice was captivating. The positive and rambunctious support from the fans was something that the Broncs fed off of. With the crowd behind them, they scored three goals through the first two periods. Though the Villanova Wildcats tallied a goal in the third period, they never found their way against an aggressive Bronc defense, which had an obvious nose for the puck. They were also proactive in the offensive zone by helping set up scoring chances for the forwards. 

The Broncs were hungry for this game after they lost against Temple the previous night. Watching them play made me forget about what the score was because the game was entertaining to watch.  Despite if they won or lost, it was an addicting experience, and I will be sure to attend more games in the future because I know that I bleed cranberry for the Broncs. After watching the game two things became clear. The Broncs are contenders, and I will always be there to watch.

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