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Jon Cannon has been released on bail after being arrested for his alleged involvement in incidents in West Village last month.

Cannon was charged with criminal trespassing, criminal sexual contact and two counts of burglary for those incidents. The university is assigning additional Public Safety coverage and Lawrence Township police have been notified that Cannon is out on bail.

Students are advised to do the following:

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • If you see something unusual or concerning, call Public Safety immediately.
  • Program the Public Safety numbers into your cell phone: 609-896-5029 (non-emergency) or 609-869-7777 (emergency).
  • Go places with a group and be sure everyone leaves together.
  • Walk with a friend.
  • Lock your doors.
  • Use the Student Safety Escort Service while on campus if you need assistance: 609-869-5050.
  • Use Rider’s Safe Rides program if you are in an unsafe situation off campus and need to return: 609-924-1756.
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