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Cross-country team caught  in alleged hazing event

Several members of the men’s cross-country team were allegedly involved in a hazing incident on the Lawrenceville campus.

On Sept. 5 at 9:25 p.m., Public Safety was dispatched to the outside track complex, where officers noticed several backpacks and clothing on the ground. The officers exited their vehicle and found two naked males, who approached the officers.

The two were identified as Rider students, and Public Safety found out there were others naked in the area as well. The officers looked through the backpacks and found alcoholic beverages, of which several students took ownership.

It turned out the individuals were members of the cross-country team, who had gathered to run naked around the track. Several members of the team have been charged with alcohol violations and hazing.

The students charged have been referred to the Office of Community Standards, and Head Coach Bob Hamer was notified. Hamer took action by suspending practice during the investigation and handed out his own sanctions for violating team rules. No one was injured in this incident.


Two sexual assault claims on campus in two-week span

A reported sexual assault took place on Friday, Sept. 11 in West Village B at 3:15 a.m. An unidentified white male entered an unlocked apartment and touched a female visitor who was sleeping in the common area. Once the female awoke, the suspect fled. He is remaining unidentified and at large.

A second report of sexual assault occurred on Friday, Sept. 18, in Poyda residence hall. Lt. Joseph Amodio, Lawrence Township police, said that case was deemed unfounded.

Vickie Weaver, director of public safety, explained that a Rider Alert was not issued for the second sexual assault incident because the person of interest was in police custody.

“The first [sexual assault incident] was through the Rider Alert because at that time we had information that led us to reasonably believe that a sexual assault had taken place and we did not have the suspect in either police custody or with us [Public Safety],” she said. “We had a person of interest [for the second case]…and was under the control of the police. Timely warnings are issued when there is a continuing threat to the community. And because this person was in our control, that threat was not there.”

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