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Lights Out at WCC

What first seemed like a spooky Friday the 13th occurrence turned out to just be an electrical issue at Westminster Choir College.

On Feb. 13, Talbott Library lost power around midnight when a PSE&G underground electrical cable running from the street to the library failed, requiring a replacement. The power was out until 10:30 a.m. Though an emergency generator kicked in as soon as the issue happened to provide power to Information Technology equipment and life safety devices, the building could not be used until repairs were finished.

Mike Reca, associate vice president of auxiliary services, said the university’s long-standing history with utility providers, working day or night to remedy issues, is taken seriously by local services.

“All of the utilities provided to the university, such as water, sewer, electric and gas, have service components built into the agreements,” said Reca. “Any outage caused by the utility will be repaired by the utility. All of these service providers realize the importance of responding quickly to a need on a residential campus.”

              – Casey Gale

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