New Web site draws in positive reviews

The new site has received positive reviews, administrators said.By Danielle Phillips

Despite students’ initial negative reaction and its delayed launch, the University’s new Web site managed to go up before students left for winter break last semester, and reviews have been positive, according to the Office of Enrollment Management.

When deciding on the final color scheme prior to its launch, some students said they would like to see the color baby blue in the background menu instead of the green that the Web site currently displays. Jennifer Cafiero-Therein, director of Enrollment Planning, Reporting and Internet Projects, said the office went with green, and although not every student agrees, almost all have embraced the change.

“I like that we got away from all the cranberry, even though it’s our school color,” junior Marissa Alavarces said. “But I dislike that the Web designers chose green as the other color.”

When students were polled about the color scheme before the site was launched, there was no clear winner. In order to distinguish Rider from Fairleigh Dickinson University, another university in New Jersey that competes with Rider for admissions, Enrollment Management chose green.

Besides the color changes, the Web site now fits on the screen better than the previous one. New features have been added, including podcasts, which are available on Westminster Choir College’s page in the sections for current and prospective students. Also, the site’s search engine is internally run by Google, which increases the effectiveness of the searches.

However, the organization of the site did not change, so students would not be confused when the new site launched.

“The setup is the same, so the new look is an added plus,” junior Victoria Shaffer said. “It was a little strange at first, but I like it, and I haven’t heard too much negative feedback about the change.”

Since the Web site has launched, some minor changes have been made. Enrollment Management is very conscious about the way the students perceive the Web site, and is doing everything possible to make sure that it is working up to its full potential.

“We have received good feedback from alumni and current students,” Cafiero-Therein said. “But, we heard that the font was too small on certain pages, so we would go in and fix it to try and meet everyone’s needs.”

Other changes students can look forward to on Rider’s new Web site include video and virtual tours, which will be arriving sometime this spring.

“We’re constantly making changes and we’re happy to hear any suggestions and feedback that students may have,” said Jamie O’Hara, vice president of Enrollment Management.

Any suggestions concerning the Web site can sent be to

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