New clubs save lives and save money

By Amar Kapadia

Rider students can now learn how to make wise investments with their money and how to save a life through two new clubs on campus.
At the Nov. 8 Senate meeting, Rider’s Student Government Association gave approval to the Rider Finance Association and Heartsavers.
The Rider Finance Association aims to “specialize in informing students about the value of investing, as well as careers in finance,” according to the club’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Daniel Broll.
The club, which is open to all majors and has no GPA requirement, will operate like a business and have students who hold top managerial positions within the business. The current board, in addition to Broll as CEO, consists of Chief Operating Officer Chris Ventura; Chief Financial Officer Matthew Mayer; Chief Marketing Officer Jeremy Garcia; Vice President Kelvin Javier and Secretary Dylan Miller.
Broll said that his goal for the club is to instill the values of investing and professionalism.
“The club is meant to teach students how to be ethical, well-polished professionals within the context of business, specifically financial services,” Broll said. “We plan to do this by having multiple guest speakers to discuss ethics, business etiquette and careers within finance. In addition, we plan to use a stock simulated program to get students used to the idea of investing and how personal finance is vital to having a financially secure future.”
The first meeting is planned for early spring.
Also on tap for next semester is Heartsavers, a club that will offer free classes that will result in two types of certification from the American Heart Association upon the successful completion of said classes.
Heartsavers Certification will teach the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid. Basic Life Support Certification is a healthcare professional certification that is required for nurses, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and first responders, according to Joyce Suarez, president of Heartsavers. He hopes to certify 250 people per semester.
Suarez is an EMT and an American Heart Association CPR and first aid instructor. Currently, he is the only instructor for the classes, but several of the club’s officers will become certified instructors next semester.
Suarez developed the idea for the club because he saw the opportunity to teach others the importance of CPR.
“I have dealt with several cases of myocardial infarctions and have learned how valuable it is to start CPR early,” Suarez said. “Because Rider does not have an actual emergency medical service (EMS) squad on campus as other universities do, I thought it would be a good idea to volunteer some of my time to teach CPR to the community. It can take Public Safety and Lawrenceville EMS several minutes to get to the patient and early CPR is the best form of CPR.”
The executive board for the club has already been established. It consists of Vice President of Internal Affairs Jacklyn Valler; Vice President of External Affairs Daniel Gartenberg; Treasurer Matthew Springer; Secretaries Edgar Lopez and Tom Weindle; Public Relations Chairs Sara Harris and Corey Roach; Equipment Chair Thaifi Luu; and Community Chair Tiffany Dill.
Suarez said that with the addition of Heartsavers, Rider will become a safer campus.

“Having as many people certified on campus and installing more automated external defibrillators (AED) will only help to make the campus more prepared,” Suarez said.

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