Nathaniel Culp: Vice President

Hometown: Egg Harbor City, N.J.
Year: Junior
Major: Biology
Clubs/Activities: Tour guide, SGA events coordinator, Community Standards Board, DAARSTOC, Model United Nations, Science Learning Community mentor, brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon
Why are you running for this position? I am running for vice president of SGA because I believe that I really can make a difference here at Rider. The vice president plays a crucial role in communication between students and administration, serving not only as a bridge but also a translator, working to effect positive change for both sides. I believe that I am well-equipped to represent the students’ needs and wants to administration and possess the capability to follow through with these demands.
Why should students vote for you? Students should vote for me because I strongly encourage individuality and new ideas. I believe that if students have an idea, SGA serves as the vehicle to make that idea come true. I am very personable and want people to feel comfortable enough to come up to me and talk to me about any ideas that they may have and especially any concerns. That way, I can do the best that I can to either aid that student in making that idea happen or rectify that concern.

Printed in the 4/05/13 edition.

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