Music Guru: Concert’s most popular unknowns

A lot of people go to large festivals like The Bamboozle strictly for the headlining acts. Others go simply for the goings-on around the festival grounds. I think it’s important to not only take in a little of both, but also check out the lesser-known bands that are playing the festival. A friend of mine and I have gone to The Bamboozle, New Jersey’s own pop-punk, rock and hip-hop festival in East Rutherford, every year since 2008 and it’s always a good time. The headliners this year are looking great — in particular, Lil Wayne, Mötley Crüe, The Gaslight Anthem and A Day To Remember. However, there are some less well-known artists who are performing that I am also excited to see.

Lil B

Classify Under: Hip-hop Master (or Troll)

Lil B is the strangest hip-hop musician you’ll ever hear. He raps in a (somewhat) monotone voice, he loves to say the word “schwag” (exactly as it’s spelled) and he loves naming songs after celebrities (“Paris Hilton,” “Hugh Hefner,” “I’m Miley Cyrus,” etc.). Lil B refers to himself as the “Based God,” and while nobody understands what that means, everybody enjoys ripping on him for it. Go listen because of your curiosity and stay because you find his lyrics hilarious. For example, a selection from “I’m Miley Cyrus” is, “Left hand Cyrus, right hand iced out, all the girls love me, all the guys hate me.”

Required Listening: “I’m Miley Cyrus,” “Hugh Hefner”

Playing: April 30 and May 1


Classify Under: Next big rock band you need to hear about right now

Conditions is a group of hard working men who, despite their best efforts, can’t seem to break into the mainstream music scene just yet. The band’s debut album Fluorescent Youth is filled with hard-rock edged songs with catchy hooks. They’ve toured with the likes of Paramore and VersaEmerge, and they’re going on this year’s Alternative Press tour. They haven’t received their time in the spotlight, but that will change soon. So if you’re one of those people who likes to say, “I heard about them before they were big,” you might want to go see their set at Bamboozle, or catch them on this spring’s AP Tour.

Required Listening: “…Made Ghosts,” “Better Life”

Playing: May 1

Kicking Daises

Classify Under: Kids making music everyone can enjoy

Kicking Daises is a strange band. The band members are not old enough to drive, yet they’ve already played The Bamboozle festival (among others) and released an EP that’s filled with a bunch of catchy pop-rock tunes that kids and adults can love. It’s a band composed of two girls and two guys, which makes for interesting harmonies and interesting vocals shifts in songs. Despite their youth, the members can definitely play their instruments (check the solo in “Keeping Secrets,” it’s a good one).

Required Listening: “Masquerade (Pretty in Pink),” “Keeping Secrets”

Playing: April 29

The Limousines

Classify Under: Dancing-shoes-worthy synth-pop

The Limousines are a California-based band that rarely travels to this side of the U.S., so you should check them out before they head back to California and potentially never return. Their debut LP Get Sharp released last summer and the music is still going strong: filled with glowing keyboards and lead singer Eric Victorino’s wonderful falsetto, the band is sure to turn heads for people who enjoy electronic music with heart.

Required Listening: “Internet Killed the Video Star,” “Get Sharp”

Playing: May 1

– Eric Hinrichsen

Freshman business administration major

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