Missing contemporary art from library causes controversey

By Jennifer Boyer

For those wondering where the art from the first floor of the library near the administrative offices went, Rider still has the works, university spokeswoman Kristine Brown said.

Harry Naar, fine arts professor in studio art, director of the Art Gallery and curator of the university’s art collection, worries that the artwork is not being handled properly.

“Because of the value, it is important to handle the artwork a particular way,” Naar said. “Students from my Gallery Management class know this. You can not just stack the art work any way.”

However, Brown said the art was put away during library updates.

“Over the summer, several pieces of artwork were removed from the bottom floor of Moore Library in preparation for painting and carpeting,” Brown said. “The artwork was safely stored on campus during these renovations.

“Since the completion of that work, much of the artwork has been re-installed, one piece has been relocated, and some remains in safe storage. Plans are underway to finalize the art installation on the bottom floor of Moore Library.”

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