Midterm Election Faceoff: Final arguments presented as Election Day approaches – Republican

On Tuesday, millions of Americans will participate in their most patriotic duty: going to the polls to vote.

In allowing their voices to be heard, the people can change Washington. Two years of a Democratic-controlled Washington will give way to a Congress that actually listens to the will of the voters.

It was in this era that an unpopular form of health-care reform that supported a liberal agenda was passed without a bipartisan effort, that the business sector was crippled under the tax burden and that the government did not listen to its people.

The United States is not a liberal country; it is one that finds its political base in the center-right. This explains the popularity of the Tea Party in this election season. The conservative movement is a good counterbalance to the unpopular liberalism that has taken our country away from us.

Even within the Democratic Party, there is a move toward the right. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, is considerably less popular even among members of her own party. The “Fire Pelosi” tour is experiencing great success.

A more balanced House will benefit the country because the conservative viewpoint will be better represented, allowing the true will of the American people to become evident in the halls of Congress.

The best times occur when the country is positioned more toward the right of center than the left. Former President Bill Clinton achieved the majority of his successes when the Republicans retook control of Congress in 1994, two years into his first term. This was a time of a surplus — not a trillion dollar deficit — a time of the Republican Party in power and before the partisanship of the early 21st century.

When President Ronald Reagan was the First Citizen, the country was in a much better place than it is today. The long period of economic prosperity and growth that occurred under his administration has not been replicated since.

To fix the health-care “reform” is the first step that should be taken by the new Congress next year. The repeal of this reform is the battle cry of many Republicans who are running for office. Coercing the people to buy health insurance that they deem unnecessary does not support the values upon which this country was founded: values of liberty.

Businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses, need to be enticed to create new jobs to improve on our country’s dismal unemployment rate of nearly 10 percent. In some areas these numbers are far worse. Las Vegas has an unemployment rate of at least 15 percent. Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, is being forced to answer to these numbers by his Republican Tea Party challenger, Sharon Angle.

A midterm election is an opportunity to allow the current administration to be evaluated by the American people. The liberal Obama administration has a rude awakening coming up next week. Even if the Democrats maintain their majority, it will not be the super-majority they have enjoyed since the 2008 elections. So, the alarm is set, and the Democrats need to be prepared for it to go off.

– Jess is a junior journalism major.

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