Meet the Westminster SGA Executive Board Candidates: President: Derrick Goff

Derrick Goff
Derrick Goff

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.
Major(s): Organ performance and sacred music
Clubs/Organizations: Student Senate and Westminster Choir
What issue(s) is/are most important to you in this election? Why? I have experienced, throughout my time at Westminster and in the SGA, a general understanding that money should be spent in ways that benefit all students. Also, I believe our SGA needs the advantage of a clearer constitution, which I would support the development of as president. Individual agendas are subordinate, however, to the true opinion of the students of our college.
What would you do if elected to foster a more harmonious relationship between the two campuses? I wish a good working relationship with the Lawrenceville SGA, but personally, I believe it is in our students’ best interest as an SGA member to insist on representing Westminster first and the university second. This unique situation of “two campuses, one university” leads to some misunderstandings, but it is my goal to keep the identity and wishes of Westminster paramount while utilizing the advantages that our university structure does provide. There are examples that I wish Westminster would take from the Lawrenceville SGA, for example, using the Student Activities Fee to fund more lectures, or, in our case, masterclasses or performance opportunities, in addition to all the wonderful events our Recognized Student Organizations and councils provide.

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