Meet Kevin Hart

Comedian Kevin Hart performed to a packed Yvonne Theater on Tuesday.

Q: What inspired you to pursue comedy?

A: Being around funny friends, funny family members, funny people. Then watching stand-up comedy and having a jam, you know back and forth, in seeing, you know, the way that these other people were received. You know, growing from Eddie Murphy to your Chris Rock, Daman Wayans, and my list goes on and on, on and on.

Q: What do you prefer? Acting or stand-up?

A: Stand-up comedy. Acting is great, you know, it’s a bonus. Money’s great, the notoriety is great. But, as a comedian, you’re your own boss, you kinda work when you want to work and you grow a fan base that genuinely comes out to support you. Whereas in a movie, you know they can come out to see the movie because it looks good and the ensemble and the cast it’s with. Stand-up comedy is just you, one person on stage and tons of fans that come to laugh, so it’s a better feeling to me.

Q: What was your biggest obstacle in your career?

A: Learning the correct way to tell a joke in the beginning.

Q: There are correct ways and incorrect ways?

A: Well no, not even correct ways, but the art to it. You know, that comedy comes in threes and the definition of a punch line, the definition of a well-thought out, constructed joke.

Q: Any future plans or future movies?

A: Death at a Funeral, that’s a film coming out in, I believe, in like a week or a week and a half. That’s with Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan … tons of people. Also, Little Fockers, the sequel to Meet the Fockers. That should be pretty fun. That’s with Ben Stiller, Robert DeNiro … that whole cast that was in the first one, Owen Wilson. My next hour special, Seriously Funny is coming out this summer so I’m excited for that. Can’t wait for that debut. What else? Face of eBay right now. About to do a show at Comedy Central, so working. Trying to stay busy.

Q: Who or what is your inspiration?

A: Now, the responsibility of having two kids. I wanna provide them a life that I couldn’t have.

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