Managing editor Lauren Minore expresses importance of Rider’s transition

It is a critical time to be a student journalist at Rider. 

As Rider enters an intensive period of transition, renovation and innovation, maintaining some sort of consistency is key to engaging students, faculty and staff alike. This is what The Rider News (TRN) aims to do — as an organization, our unwavering commitment to providing members of our community the truth they seek is the foundation of our work. 

Whether it be the transition of Westminster Choir College to the Lawrenceville campus or the pro-longed, multi-million dollar renovations to Cranberry’s and residence halls, the astounding accomplishments of our Division I athletes or the world-class talents of our fine and performing arts students, TRN will continue to be a champion for this forward-looking campus community. 

However, we will look forward to the future without fear of having  conversations, shedding light on difficult subjects and shaking up standards. I believe this reflective of our campus community today. With the rest of the team at TRN, my goal is to establish authenticity in a world of ‘fake news’. 

TRN has offered me much more than a hands-on journalistic experience. It has taught me some of the most valuable lessons I have learned at this university.

It has given me insight of the realities students, faculty, staff and administrators, respectively, face. It has changed the way I view the social and political dynamics of members of the community. Most importantly, it has challenged me to push boundaries and find new ways to motivate others. 

As an opinionated political science student, but also as an unbiased journalism student, I practice decision-making by considering multiple perspectives. I believe we must view all sides to garner an understanding of which to base our beliefs and values. Just as it is easy to fall into your role as a student, faculty or staff member at Rider, it is imperative to read the narrative twice over. This community would benefit from a second glance. 

Throughout this transformational journey we are about to experience, it is my hope that TRN will provide insight which inspires members of this community to use their voices in meaningful ways. I almost feel as though it is my responsibility as student-journalist to encourage open-ended and deeper levels of thinking — levels which I know Rider students are capable of. 

My personal and professional growth will continue to blossom through my experience as a student-journalist on this campus. I am proud of the work I have done so far as I look forward to the future of TRN and its immense impact on campus. Rider’s period of transformation is encouraging my own development. 

Now more than ever, I am proud to be a student journalist. As Rider transforms, I know I can transcend any expectations I have set for myself and go forward with hope for this community. 

                                                                                           Lauren Minore 

                                                                                           political science 

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